We at ToonGoose animation studio love geese. Really. We love these not-so-gracious birds so much, we hide at least one in every video we make.







We even ask our favourite designers to draw us a goose from time to time.

Why goose?

The whole story behind this is really complicated and based on a lot of misheard words, but the result is this: goose is our corporate symbol.

Notice that our logo is not only a meteorite (that refers to the famous Tunguska meteorite event from last century), but also a goose footprint.

So what do you do?

All right, that’s pretty simple.

Find a goose in any one of our videos, notify us via the form below and get a custom postcard with a goose that we’re going to draw for you!

And of course, tell a friend! The more geese, the more postcards.

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